Quotes for Life

My Quotes

Whether things happen good or bad, they happen by purpose not by chance ~ AK

Learn to listen to the wind, in it you can hear whispers of truth ~ AK

You don’t owe anyone an explanation of who you are. Just be & it will be explained ~ AK

Your third eye is more clear than your left or right, Use it & let discernment guide you ~ AK

Common sense should not have to be a process, either you have it or you don’t ~ AK

People, places & things will come & go but words will always remain ~ AK

Sometimes you have to check out in order to check in ~ AK

Women aren’t trophies after you win her you can’t sit her on the shelf, you’ve got to keep qualifying each round otherwise you get disqualified ~ AK

The world is our canvas & we can paint the colors, landscape the print & position the portrait ~ AK

Being multi talented is not only a gift but your acceptance of it ~ AK

Mistakes are opportunities to embrace ~ AK

What I know for sure is everything you go through is necessary for you to be you ~ AK

Even unspoken words are heard to the right soul that deep enough to interpret its expression beyond sound ~ AK

Failures are your best  mistakes which enables you to shake hands with wisdom ~ AK

There is no difference between me & you. I just don’t let people tell me what I can’t do ~ AK

In order to be a worldwide success you have to be ok with failing in front of the world ~ AK

When you know your heart is not for lease then you don’t become someone’s temporary place of residence ~ AK

Perfectionism is the epitome of hinder. Learn from your imperfection & your other wings will carry you ~ AK

You don’t need to strive to be perfect just strive to be the best possible you ~ AK



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