Easter Sunday in Camp Creek

I’m grateful to have seen another Easter Sunday. This Easter Sunday is the 3rd year anniversary of the fatal 2009 Camp Creek car accident that hurt so many people. I didn’t know the families but I think about them every year. On that day, my son & I were trying to turn on Camp Creek Pkwy when the accident occurred. If I had turned a minute earlier, I wouldn’t be telling this story. In addition to that, one of the cars in flames was the same Mercedes make, model & color of my car which we were watching in this accident. No doubt, it really could have been us. I laid awake many nights thanking God for my life & asking him to place upon me what he was trying to teach me in that moment. I thought about that beautiful family coming home from church on Easter Sunday & wondered what was her dreams, their ambitions & even her fears. I prayed that she lived her dreams, fulfilled her ambitions & forgot her fears. God told me that he wanted to use me to deliver this testimony because of  his purpose for my life. He had to shake me, rearrange my thoughts for that day, cancel my plans for the rest of the day & send an urgent message through someone like me. A  single mom from a single parent household who has never had a head start in any race but who understands the race isn’t given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one that endures to the end. As I grow, I realize inspiring others is much bigger than my gift to sing but it is to inspire women to live their dreams, fulfill their ambitions & forget their fears today because tomorrow that mission could be impossible.