Whitney Houston’s Legacy

Today is Whitney Houston’s celebration ceremony. Today I’m still so full of thoughts yet so aware that every moment is so significant.  Timing is so relevant to our destiny. A few weeks ago I wrote a quote “Time doesn’t owe us anything. We should be thankful some days we get back change”. We should ask ourselves what are we doing with the present moments that are given to us? I pray everyday I can inspire one person to believe in themselves & maybe they will convince someone else to believe. This is how Whitney Houston’s music inspired me. I became infected by the contagious inspiration in her voice, her words & melodies. This is Whitney’s legacy. You will always be the voice of inspiration to me.


Black History

It’s Black History Month so I wanted to share this Black History Fact – Im proud to have known the honorable Lee Dunham who made history opening the first McDonalds in New York City. You can imagine how hard that was even in 1972 as an African American. Lee hired gang members in New York in an effort to improve his community & had over 500 employees. In his last days he also built the first 2 story McDonalds. Owner operators from all over the world came to New York just to see his stores, learn his business model & tremendous work ethic. Black Enterprise Magazine & many others honored Lee Dunham for his philanthropy & advocacy of equal rights among all African American McDonald owner operators. Lee Dunham thank you for the stories you shared with me. You are missed. http://harlemworldblog.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/robert-lee-dunham-harlem-mcdonalds-owner-dies/